...the Manager of this web site

My name is Sato Makoto. I manage this web site. I'm interested in UN*X operating systems and network.

Once, I had a sub domain of an ISP. But I wanted to get a .com domain. So, I got this domain in November 2004.

This Site is in one of my Linux Box a VPS.

...the name of this domain

"kuzuore" means "despair" and "drop on to one's kees" in Japanese. The word "kuzuore" is well-known in Japan by the statue of Wilhelm Lehmbruck(1881-1919).

I don't know the title of the statue in English or German.

...the language of this web site

Most of contents are written in Japanese, sorry. For I'm not good at writing and speaking English and other languages.
Most of Japanized web browsers could display this web site.

...link and quotation

You can link this URL and quote my contents, freely. But I would change contents at any time, sorry.
Have fun!

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